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Our graphic design team can assist you to showcase the best possible image to your clients, we will guide through the process of choosing the right colours and imagery to best represent your business.We will get you up and running in no time with a full branding and identity package, covering business cards, flyers, brochures, signage, display banners and any other promotional material to suite your needs. To complete the identity and branding package we will also assist you with your web site, social media and email marketing.

Our graphic design services cover all of your business branding and merchandising needs.

Your corporate identity is what your customers see and is attracted to when they first engage with your business. It represents who you are and your culture and it is a part of every interaction you have with your current and potential clients. The brand is what people remember! It tells the world what you represent, what you stand for and who you are. CJ Design will work with you in every aspect of your brand and branding strategy from start to finish

Contact us about your graphic design project and we’ll get back you with a quote on your project within 48 hours

We take special care when designing your logo, whether you are a small business or a medium to large enterprise we can assist you a logo re-fresh or a brand new logo and we take the time to learn and understand your business, culture and how you want your business to be seen by your clients.

Our designers have the experience and creative mind to accept any challenge to create for you a perfect logo that will wow your clients.

Everyone has an iPhone or Samsung phone; they are all searching the web to find products and services on the go. Therefore the importance for your business to be visible on all devices: tablets, laptops, phones and personal computers. We build beautiful responsive web sites just for this purpose. Your web site is fundamental to your business branding. We create customized WordPress web sites that are clean, crisp and easy to use with loads of functionality including shopping carts, booking forms,contact forms and a whole lot more. Check out our latest projects!

Print design is graphic design. It’s the creative process of producing a visual communication/presentation that conveys a specific message or messages to a targeted audience with it’s main purpose for printing. … It is typically done with ink and paper using a printer but can also include signage design for cars, retail stores etc.

Our graphic pre-press designs will ensure you receive high quality print products for all types of print and digital media. Typesetting, high quality retouching, page makeup, print ready artworks, publishing. We partner with digital and offset printing businesses meaning we can provide more competitive pricing for the whole project no matter how large or small. Contact us for a quote!

Recent Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients

Designer on Damand

I must say that it doesn’t get any better than this. These guys offer everything into one place, be it design, print or websites.

Tommy S.

These guys are amazing ! <3

They work really fast, i was in a hurry to get my website and branded materials done and they did it in just a few days !!! Can’t recommend enough!

Abby M.

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